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Review article: reproductive changes associated with celiac disease

December 2010


This review article discusses possible links between celiac disease and reproductive issues in men and women. 

Key Points

  • Abnormal fertility in men may include testicular dysfunction, alterations in sperm appearance or motility and overall reductions in sexual satisfaction or frequency of sexual intercourse.
  • In women, the scope of the impaired fertility can include problems with both fertility and pregnancy. 
    • Fertility can be affected by delayed first periods, missed or absent periods and early menopause.
    • Pregnancy issues can include reduced ability to become pregnant, spontaneous abortions, repeated miscarriages, premature deliveries, abnormal placental functioning and low birth weights. 
  • Authors indicate there are numerous studies focusing on possible alterations in the immune system or nutrition deficiencies that are correlated to celiac disease, which also may lead to fertility issues.

Key Takeaways

More research is needed to confirm how celiac disease adversely affects fertility and pregnancy and what might be done to improve outcomes.


Freeman HJ. Reproductive changes associated with celiac disease. World J Gastroenterology, 2010; 16(46):5810-5814.