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Scientific Study: Celiac disease is not a risk factor for fertility in men

April 2011 | 5 min read


Some studies have suggested men with celiac disease may have impaired sperm quality that can affect male fertility. This study intended to evaluate any relationship between the occurrence of celiac disease (CD) and fertility. 

Key Points

  • More than 38,000 Swedish men with and without presence of celiac disease were compared in terms of the number of children they produced.
  • Results demonstrated there were no differences in the rate of offspring produced by men with celiac disease compared to those without.
  • The authors concluded, “This study found a normal fertility in men with diagnosed CD.”

Key Takeaways

These results suggest that having celiac disease does not affect sperm quality or fertility in men.


Zugna D, et al. Celiac disease is not a risk factor for infertility in men. Fertil Steril, 2011 95(5):1709-13.e1-3.